Welcome to Cooper Sports Performance.

Performance, health, and recovery collide at Cooper Sports Performance, the Bay Area's premier sports conditioning and wellness center.

Founded by NFL veteran Chris Cooper, this new one-of-a-kind facility offers a comprehensive range of services that support the goals of dedicated athletes training for overall health and longevity in their sport.



Our athletic performance programs incorporate multi-level strategies that focus on overall strength and power for each individual athlete, to keep you at the top of your game now, and prepare you for longevity in your sport.


Offering the industry's best treatment and wellness professionals onsite sets us apart from the rest.  Reduce fatigue, promote recovery and overall general wellness with physical therapy, naturopathic medicine, chiropractic and massage.

football coaching

Whether you are participating in youth football or preparing for a collegiate or profesional career, Our team of position specific experts can offer the necessary guidance to effectively prepare you for life on and off the field.