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To achieve your best, it takes teamwork!


I spent 10 years playing in the NFL and the only way to perform at my best each week was to be surrounded by a team of experts. That team kept me healthy, strong and recovered and kept me playing injury-free in the NFL for over a decade.


Now I am sharing my team of experts with you, in one convenient location, so you can be your best regardless of whether

you are playing a team sport or are just training to stay in shape so you can be the best you can be. Our performance

training, physical therapy, chiropractic, sports massage, nutrition, wellness and recovery team will be with you

every step of your journey.


6483 Sierra Lane

Dublin, CA 94568

Tel: 925-361-5874


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Kathy has been a behaviorist for fifteen years. She specializes in working with a wide population such as: non verbal children, children with severe behaviors, autism, and developmental delay. She has worked in a variety of environments which include; San Ramon school district in an early intervention autism center, Pleasanton school district at a preschool center under the guidance of Dr. Mark Sundberg, privately for STE consultants serving children and their families in home.