Youth performance classes

 CSP's youth performance programs provide the training and knowledge necessary to maximize overall performance and become effective competitors. Whether they're looking to excel on their current team or blaze a path toward college sports and professional careers, our sport-specific training programs provide a winning foundation based on commitment, sportsmanship and respect.

Strength and power is the foundation to becoming stronger and faster. Strength develops coordination and health, increases your speed and makes you athletic. Skill alone won't get the results you need,  you have to have strength, agility, and speed. The stronger you are the bigger the faster you can become. The competitive landscape in youth sports is changing.  The games are getting faster, and speed is everything! If you are an athlete who wants to get faster, be more competitive, and achieve goals, we can help you! 



performance, strength, & Conditioning classes


Junior performance(ages 8-12)

NEED TO WRITE DESCRIPTION Jr. Bolts: The focus of our Jr. Bolts program is to develop speed through body-weight strength exercises, biomechanics, and coordination exercises. (contact us today button)




Middle School performance(ages 12-14)

NEED TO WRITE DESCRIPTION: Our foundational speed program is based on scientific research and designed to unlock the speed potential of every athlete. Our mission at this level is to build Elite athletic ability from the ground up, so athletes entering High School can have a clear edge on the competition. (Contact us today button)



high school performance

(ages 15-18) 

NEED TO WRITE DESCRIPTION Lightning Bolts: Strength development, Structural balance. Preparing the body to gain strentgh and coordination.


Elite performance (College-Pro) 

NEED TO WRITE DESCRIPTION and change the picture. Pro Bolts:  This program is designed to  . . . insert text  (Contact us today button)