Speed and Conditioning School

The competitive landscape in youth sports is changing.  The games are getting faster, and speed is everything! If you are an Athlete who wants to get faster, be more competitive, and achieve goals . . . then we can help you! Our unique, 10 week summer and 12 week Speed and Conditioning School produces strong, flexible, and explosive athletes.  If you are not doing something to get FASTER today then you are falling behind the competition.

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10-12 week speed programs 

Biomechanical assessments, power generation, over-speed training . . .

CSP Expert Level Speed Coaches



Speed and Conditioning Classes


little competitors (ages 8-12)

Little Competitors in Training: The focus of our Little Competitors Speed program is to develop speed through body-weight strength exercises, biomechanics, and coordination exercises.  The class introduces young athletes to sports performance, and builds a strong athletic foundation through the use of sound teaching methods with a focus on speed, coordination, and agility. 

  • Learn the mechanics of Speed at a developmentally primed age 
  • Bodyweight power generation training 
  • Be the Fastest Kid on the Field and on the Playground 
  • First Step Coordination Development 
  • Learn what it takes to become a Student of the Game and a Student of Life


Speed development(ages 12-14)

Speed Development Training: Our foundational speed program is based on scientific research and designed to unlock the speed potential of every athlete. Our mission at this level is to build fast, flexible, muscular, competitive athletes who are fit, smart, healthy and supremely conditioned.

  • Optimize Biomechanics
  • Enhanced Stamina and Strength
  • Increase Stride Rate and Stride Frequency
  • Explosive First Step Development
  • Improve lateral Speed and Agility
  • Learn what it takes to become a Student of the Game and a Student of Life


Max velocity training(ages 15-18) 

Max Velocity Training:  This program is designed for competitive athletes who want to utilize speed training as a tool to excel in their sport.  We focus on the key aspects of speed in sports; change of direction, acceleration, max velocity, and strength & power training.  We develop ultimate athleticism through flexibility, speed, strength, power, agility and stamina. 

  • Optimize Biomechanics
  • Enhanced Stamina and Strength
  • High Performance Speed and Agility Training
  • Over-speed (Max Velocity) Training 
  • Explosive First Step Development and Optimization
  • Learn what it truly takes to play and live like a PRO.

Game-time Pro athletes (College-Pro) 


Game-time, Pro Athletes: If you are a Professional, collegiate athlete or aspiring pro, Cooper Sports Performance is a one-stop-shop to help you move faster, recover faster, and achieve body and mind optimization.