Elite Performance Training

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As a collegiate athlete, you represent an elite group of individuals who represent the highest echelons of athletic excellence. You’ve made personal sacrifices that have propelled you to the top of your sport. Collegiate athletics are fiercely competitive, and if you plan on going pro, you must sustain your athletic longevity and perform at peak potential at all times.

Our collegiate athletics programs incorporate multi-level strategies and focus on overall strength and power, dietary plans, and sport-specific/position-specific skills to keep you at the top of your game now, and prepare you for a long-term professional career.


CSP’s youth athletic programs provide boys and girls of all ages with the training and knowledge necessary to maximize overall performance and become effective competitors. Whether they’re looking to excel on their current teams or blaze a path toward college sports and professional careers, our sport-specific training programs provide a winning foundation based on commitment, sportsmanship and respect. 

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After a decade of playing professionally in the NFL, founder Chris Cooper understands how to develop world-class athletes for collegiate and professional football careers.

Our team of experienced coaches and healthcare practitioners has crafted a comprehensive football program to optimize individual skill sets and extract peak performance. This includes specialized physical fitness regimens, nutritional plans, player analyses, and in-depth education.

Most importantly, Cooper Sports Performance does not take a “one size fits all” approach. Our program is position-centric, from weight training and cardiovascular exercises to position-specific skills.