To achieve your best, it takes teamwork! I spent 10 years playing in the NFL, and the only way to perform at my best each week, was to be surrounded by a team of experts. CSP brings that professional experience to you, making every workout about being the best you can be. Our performance training, physical therapy, chiropractic, sports massage, nutrition, and wellness team will be with you every step of your journey.

  Chris Cooper  - Founder, CEO, NFL Veteran

Chris Cooper - Founder, CEO, NFL Veteran

  Donald Chu   - PhD, PT

Donald Chu - PhD, PT

  Andy Alcaraz  - Coach

Andy Alcaraz - Coach

  Pokey  - Therapy Dog

Pokey - Therapy Dog

  Dr. Morganstein  - Chiropractor

Dr. Morganstein - Chiropractor

  Chase Jackson   - Coach

Chase Jackson - Coach

  Annie    Mahoney - PT Aide/Office Manager

Annie Mahoney- PT Aide/Office Manager