Camp Location

In 1952 Robert and Marian Ricklefs established a boarding school on the Monterey Peninsula which they named in honor of Robert Louis Stevenson, the well-known Scottish author who reportedly found inspiration for his tales of high adventure during his 1870s sojourn in the Monterey area. Many of the school buildings, the school
newspaper, sports teams, and other features of the school are named for places or themes from Robert Louis Stevenson's life or writings.

Dorms: The dorms at Stevenson School are fairly luxurious, and nicer than most college dorms.

Dining: The food at Stevenson is diverse, with many options available. There is always a salad bar, cereal bar, bread bar, pasta or burrito bar, and hot meals with both regular and vegetarian options. Fruit is available all day.

Weather: Weather in Pebble Beach is usually nice and sunny, but there is always a chance of fog and overcast weather. You can expect the weather to be chilly as soon as the sun goes down, therefore a sweatshirt or jacket and pants are recommend.


Stevenson School

3152 Forest Lake Road
Pebble Beach, CA 93953