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train like a pro, learn like a pro, think like a pro

Our focus is to teach the game of football correctly, so that participants can perform safely at a high level. Become a ‘Student of the Game’
— Chris Cooper
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become a student of the game? 

Why do you need to become a student of the game? Because it fosters excellence! This one of a kind camp shows you how the best get better . . . and how you can too.

Becoming a student of the game fosters:

  • Confidence: Develop confidence by acquiring the skills and disposition to handle any game situation. The CSP coaching staff will teach you how to anticipate, read the field, and adapt your game plan.
  • Learning: Learn how to learn. Develop a deeper understanding of the game and accelerate your ability to think while you play. The tools acquired at camp will help you quickly apply what is taught by any coach.
  • Persistence: Become relentless in your desire to improve. A little effort leads to small rewards, and a committed effort over an extended period leads to greater rewards.
  • Resilience: When football players learn to engage in rigorous training and strategy, they learn how to shift their perspective, changing stressors into challenges, and solving problems on their own. Football is an emotional game and CSP teaches players how to thrive in that emotional environment.
  • Flexibility: Learning is messy and unpredictable, and true football understanding is something to be pursued through multiple pathways that are complex, layered, and ambiguous. CSP coaches and speakers have the unique experience and ability to breakdown and clearly communicate the complexities of football to campers in a way that they can understand and apply.
  • Purposefulness: Develop the ability to play at a high speed on the field without thought. Campers will learn that what they are learning has meaning and gain a broader perspective of how the game works. They will learn how to trust themselves and understand that the ability to develop instincts is directly tied to one’s ability by learning the game as much as they know themselves.
  • Metacognition: Campers will be taught how to think about and set goals, select appropriate strategies to pursue those goals, and reflect on the effectiveness of their chosen approach.
  • Ownership: Campers will leave the camp owning what they have learned. They will have developed a desire for knowledge, and they importance of learning in the game of football, and more importantly in life. Camper will be able to bring their knowledge back and lead their high school teams to a higher level of performance.

Live and train like a pro, by the pros! 

Experience life as an NFL player June 24-29, 2018 at our premier 6 day/5 night training camp hosted in a luxurious Pebble Beach setting! 

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to train like a pro football player? Now's your chance for one week this summer. Maximize your performance, raise your knowledge, hone your skills, and learn from the best. Chris’s team of coaches have the experience and knowledge you need to take your performance to the next level. 

A unique opportunity for athletes to train and learn from former NFL players, coaches, and sport experts. Coach to athlete ratio 1:4, NFL Pro to athlete ratio 1:6.

The camp will be run similar to a NFL training camp, helmet only, low impact, & non-tackling. The focus will be on improving players understanding of the game and position specifics (situational football). You will be taught in great detail, how to play and understand the intricacies of football. There will be special guest speakers in the evenings, including NFL legends.

The camp will begin with an evaluation of each athlete, using a process similar to testing at NFL training camps.  We will assess mental and physical strength, agility and fitness, and we'll complete your NFL-style evaluation report with suggested areas for improvement.

Each day throughout the week we will be conducting highly detailed position specific conditioning and practice sessions on and off the field. Our focus is to teach the game of football correctly so that participants can perform safely at a high level. This camp is designed to teach proper techniques, increase situational awareness, and challenge participants both mentally and physically. Athletes will learn proper techniques and become a 'student of the game' in a fun and challenging environment.


Camp location: The Stevenson School Pebble Beach, CA
Dates: June 24–29, 2018 (Check in: 1:00-2:00 p.m. Sunday, Check out:  2:00 p.m. Friday)
Cost: $3,500 per athlete, $3,150 if you register by March 20th (includes, room, board, & all camp activities). Secure your spot today with a $350 deposit. Payment plans and group pricing available

Day Camper Rate: $3100 (local athletes with their own housing)
Ages 13-18: Entering 8th Grade through exiting Senior


Early Bird 10% off registration coupon code: PebbleBeach





  • Position specific coaching and mentoring by elite coaches
  • Speed and acceleration development
  • NFL tricks, tips, and secrets of the trade
  • College coaches - scouting
  • Pairing your NFL-style evaluation report with suggested areas for improvement
  • Film review and analysis
  • Training sessions on and off the field
  • Down/Distance - situational football
  • Evening seminars lead by NFL legends and subject experts!

Evening Seminar discussion examples:

  • Film study
  • Total health - taking care of your body
  • Sports nutrition matters
  • School work Is important
  • Branding yourself as an athlete to get recruited
  • Tips and tricks of the trade
  • Q&A with NFL Legends!

Extra curricular activities:

  • Kayaking: Enjoy a great cross training activity while paddling the Monterey Bay. 
  • Off-site evening excursion: An organized evening off campus (i.e. movie night)
  • Post camp, evening fun activities


McNair - Cooper
  • Refund Policy: (cancellation in advance of camp) 120+ days = 100%; 60-119 days = 75%; 45-59 days = 50%; 30-44 days 25%.
  • What’s included in my registration? Coaching, single or double occupancy room, all meals, all camp activities.
  • Are payment plans available: Yes. An initial non-refundable deposit of $350 is required. There is a small fee for setting up a payment schedule. 
  • Is there a day camper rate if I live in the area? Yes, please contact us at or use the registration link above.
  • Do you provide transportation to and from camp? No, but will be happy to can connect you with other campers who reside near you.  If you are flying in, we will assist you with arranging ground transportation to the school
  • What am I supposed to bring to camp? Once you are registered for camp, you will receive a camp packet with details. You will also receive additional information via email as camp approaches. 
  • Will NFL Veteran Chris Cooper be coaching at camp? Yes, Chris, will be there each day leading his team of expert coaches and coaching athletes alongside NFL Veterans Ricky Hunley & Courtney Brown
  • What other NFL Veterans or players will be coaching/speaking? Due to athlete security, we are limiting the information posted online. Information will be provided directly to registered participants.
  • Is this a full contact camp? No. This is a non-tackle, low impact camp. Helmets will be required.
  • Is there a snack bar on-site? Yes, Tompkins Tennis runs a snack bar on campus. Details will be provided in your registration packet. Fruit is available for free all day in the cafeteria.


Other questions? Contact us here.